Art 175 Music Collaboration

This is a project that is a personal favorite of mine due to the fact that I was to collaborate with people of a different skill set which is music. I’ve always had a certain curiosity for music / audio creation, and would love to learn more about the medium to incorporate into future projects.

Enthusiasm for music aside, I collaborated with Digital Media Art peers, as well as peers in SJSU’s music department to incorporate Max MSP visuals which are responsive to musical input. Aesthetically, we wanted to fit the rather somber, yet dramatic sounds that our music partners provided. The result was minimalist in style, with a central object that we sculpted in Maya. The object focally responds to the instruments inputs as well as shifting in positions about a 3D axis. A special thanks to my partners Joanna, Melvin, and Dea for all of their hard work.

And of course, a special thanks to our music partners whom did an amazing job performing at the final display. The experience would not have been what it was without the unique efforts by the visual, and musical teams.

Thank You

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