Code As Art

Part 1: Self Portrait

Interestingly this will be my first time creating a self-portrait in any medium even though I have created another since then. However, in this particular case I wanted the portrait to not only be visually balanced but also taking advantage of the medium through interactivity. Moving the mouse over the portrait causes some interesting visuals in the affected areas. I used an artist oriented programming library called processing which is very handy for making quick sketches for all your digital ideas. Unfortunately I was unable to procure an Apple device to export it for you fellow Apple users. If this is the case, how about try it out in processing yourself?

CodeDownload Processing

Part 2: Drawing Program

I basically recreated something like MS Paint! For the project, I am still using something called processing which is an artist oriented programming environment. I included bunch of tools like a square or ellipse brush, different sizes, and colors, an all-around functional drawing program with a user interface. My goal was to enable a photoshop like experience which is related to the Art 74 class. I also drew and saved a sketch with it. The sketch includes an internet meme called “dat boi” and was originally a 3-dimensional frog on a unicycle.

Part 3: Life The Game

This was a rather ambitious project in that this is my first attempt at making a game by myself as I have collaborated with other artists before but only on the technical end. While my art isn’t the best in this, I wanted to produce that sort of childlike stick figure aesthetic to bring a sense of satire into this new world. “Life The Game: Future Edition” takes place in the future that we are converging into. Gadgets will dominate our lives so much that even our common household items are going to be doing things that are strange. The first room (the only room for now) features a scene where your toaster is updating and you decide it best to leave without eating.


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