Cosmic Silence

Cosmic Silence is a rather personal project. As an expansion of a photography project that I worked on before, I was aiming for a dark, ambient, and industrial aesthetic, as well as conveying elements of solitude, danger, and the reality of life where we sometimes we have to go to extremes to survive in a region where the price of living is simply chilling. Specifically, this is a representation of some of the financial situations that I’ve had to deal with in life which required me to work odd hours, relying on public transportation, and often resulting in some pretty scary situations. I however, did not want to totally direct attention to my self, and wanted to focus on the dark eerie visual themselves.

With regards to medium, this project primarily consists of live content which I took in the dark streets of San Jose at night. It was actually rather fun, driving down to South San Jose, leaving my old but trusty car in a random neighborhood, and going on a bit of an adventure. Part of the project however, I actually animated in Processing to generate 3D graphics, and blend with my live visuals as was suggested by Raphael, my advanced video professor at the time. This is a work in progress, and I hope to polish some of the animations within which I admit, would’ve liked to have spent more time on. But as with everything, constraints do tether us to a goal when working on a project such as this one.

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