Dangers Of The Web

Dangers of the web is a project meant to evoke an open ended response to the world of phones, computers, and social media that we have all become a part of. We take these technologies for granted, for all the benefits that they grant. However, we should not forget that there are also implied consequences, especially as technologies evolve and challenge deep philosophical ideas.

For this project in particular, I was tasked with creating a 3D environment to reflect this topic. Ironically, it’s always challenging to not make the project that involves technology to make, about the technology itself. In this case however, the experience is about immersing the viewer in a clearly artificial environment. Upon entering, you are navigating in first person mode floating in a digital ocean of sorts, except with 0’s instead of bubbles. When you rise too high to the top, the viron sculptures I created will chase after you. The absence of the number 1 in this digital pool is actually intentional to symbolize the destruction that dangerous content online can lead to. Likewise, you as the viewer are invited to think about aspects of online life that are currently a threat to you, as well as the sorts of dangers that can emerge in the future.

Enter The Deep Web

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