LaZOs is a project that started somewhat as a doodle. In the last decade, (admittedly, that’s about half of my life) I’ve noticed an increasing trend in technology which is several manufacturers forcing certain questionable features in software, even on non mobile devices. I mainly was inspired by Microsoft’s recent implementation of Cortana, which is a virtual assistant. Likewise, I wanted to take a satirical twist on the project, and wanted to incorporate an eerie degree of sentience, through visuals which imply the real danger of artificial sentience.

With regards to my medium, this a web based interface built in P5 JS. You are greeted with a rather familiar desktop experience with a very clean and friendly look. However, you quickly start to notice tons of visual glitching, where your digital assistant starts taking a darker twist. As a professional that relies heavily on emerging technology, I’m not implying that we should stop developing technologies such as artificial intelligence. Rather I’m suggest we really should take a cautionary approach as true sentience becomes possible.

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