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Meme Mashup

Suprisingly, this project is not a statement about memes. Rather it is a statement about free speech, which satirically makes use of memes to convey this message. The base meme is the “trololol guy” otherwise known as Edward Khil who is known all of the internet as an ex soviet era singer. A little background into his famous song is that it was actually supposed to be a real song with themes that even go as far as being about cowboys. However, to my knowledge the soviet government didn’t like the idea of having American like ideals in music, and thus, why Mr. Khil found it necessary to make the lyrics essentially gibberish. Event though fellow meme lovers probably wouldn’t know the difference since the lyrics are in Russian, and hence why he became known as the “trololol guy”.

I did not want to merely make a historical commentary on the other hand. I wanted to make a commentary on modern Russia, and the eerie soviet like government it still holds with Mr. Vladimir Putin, as well as a commentary on free speech, which memes aside from their humor, allow us to do. Likewise, I included the famous Putin riding an eagle meme, and I threw in a couple other memes, partially for “dankness”, but also to start a narrative on the surreal nature of privacy, and freedom of speech that we face today, and in the future. So, I threw in Cory from Cory in the House asking “Is This Real” and a couple other visuals, and the result is a rather well thought out composition with an 8-bit touch.

Meme Mashup

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