Minecraft Sculptures

For this project, I first created and exported a few 3D models from within the Minecraft game. The models themselves are supposed to be reminiscent to fidget spinners which are something that caught on a lot during the earlier part of this year. While one can go on about the cultural significance of what makes these things so entertaining, above all I wanted to point out that people will instantly recognize the geometry of the objects, no matter how much they have been deformed away from an accurate depiction.

My aspiration in the beginning of this project was to get these models spinning, and given that I have a pretty decent knowledge of electronics I decided to go with some left over servo motors that I had from helping a friend with her makers fair project. Unfortunately, they do not have 360 rotation which would take longer to achieve. However, it is my hope to improve on this project in the near future and give it some more dynamic interaction.

Here are some screen shots to show the process little by little:

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