Net Art: Time Machine

This project is an early attempt at creating a web based art piece. Something which transcends the traditional idea of a website. The result is something called “Time Machine”. Let me invite you to take a trip into a gimmicky, credit card form filled experience. While my goal is to deliver nostalgia, I also wanted to embed an underlying concept. This concept being the monetization of the web in stark contrast with the early web which hardly even had the capability for eCommerce.

As for my overall aesthetic I wanted to go a little crazy on the window 95 with Fiji bottles look. I’ve always been fond of the really full screen experience some web experiences like AOL delivered in early technology.

The point being this whole experience is essentially a free version of paid software which gives none of what it promises. But it provides an interesting contrast between the web now and the web then. There are also political and moral themes throughout. I hope you find this to at least be amusing!

As for the technicalities, all of this was made in just basic HTML and CSS with the exception the chat bot is using P5 JS to animate the character and vanilla Javascript being used to playback sound effects.

Travel Through Time

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