Political Glitch Art

New Media Art inherently contains political elements. The technology that we use as a medium contains code which either limits or extends our scope of control. With this in mind, I wanted to create something by which political elements of new media art could be made more obvious. So I ended up creating some glitched up art pieces depicting political figures from the 2016 elections.

In my personal opinion (and please keep in mind that I am attempting to keep my political stance neutral), both of the main parties had elements of corruption that were more obvious than in other elections. In using certain tools in a non-traditional way, I am adding symbolism to the original images, and I am also breaking the political barriers placed by the developers of the software I used.

In the following images, I portray the ironic and disappointing defeat of Senator Bernie Sanders. He himself acknowledged some of her shady behavior, and in the end he had to endorse her. What could have led Sanders to such an opposite extreme? My glitched up enhancements serve to depict the eerie nature of this arrangement. Sanders eyes being hidden are meant to symbolize his forced hand while Hilary Clinton and her maniacal laughter seems to extend into a pattern of green. Again I am not attempting to endorse any political position. Rather, I am trying to encourage objectivity with regards to politics in general. Something that my generation seems to have trouble with, with regards to perception of opposing opinions.

I used Audacity to scramble the image as you see it and Photoshop for some extra detail that proved difficult in audacity. Audacity is actually audio editing software for those who don’t know.

For my last image, I wanted to convey a chilling view of the future ahead. This isn’t because of president Trump’s extreme views or the fact that he made it into office to begin with. My concern is not the opinions of others, rather the lack of motivation for those my age to go out and vote. To make a difference where it counts. As a consequence, pretty much anyone could have been placed into office on our behalf. The images below show the result of this. A man with a god complex making decisions with every intention of finding loopholes to push his agenda on others. A man whose egocentricity should have scared voters on each side of the political spectrum.

This piece can likewise be defined as New Media Art for its political and cultural implications. I also made use of several technologies to create an animated gif which I did with the intention of enhancing the meaning of the work. The result is an interesting blend of colors and vertical movement. I used audacity once again for glitching, Adobe After Effects for keyframing, and Adobe Photoshop to create the final animated GIF.

Trump’s eyes are intentionally one of the most distinguishable human features in this glitched image. I wanted to show that he is the mastermind behind the extreme executive orders, and those behind him are mere accomplices.

Trump Gif

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